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Article: Use of a staphylococcal vaccine to reduce prevalence of mastitis and lower somatic cell counts in a registered Saanen dairy goat herd. F.M. Kautz, S.C. Nickerson*, and L.O. Ely Department of Animal and Dairy Science, Athens, GA  30602


Article: University of Florida; Mastitis in Dairy Goats, J.K. Shearer & B. Harris, Jr.


How to Be A Responsible Owner
By Trisha Hintermeister

1. Feed your goat about 2 lbs. of grain morning and evening and make clean hay available at all times. For kids, bottle feed three times daily until about 4-6 months old (NOTE: There is much debate on this point so here is a good website full of information.
2. Always make clean fresh water available. Tip: Adding apple cider vinegar to water is good for your goats, especially males. It helps protect their urinary systems.
3. Your goat needs three walls and a roof it can fit under. Goats hate rain and my goats will sometimes hide from heavy wind as well.
4. Take care of your goats' hooves. They need trimmed regularly. There are many videos on how to do this on YouTube.
5. Check out your goat's health history. What goat diseases has he/she been tested for? The minimum should be CAE and Johnes (pronounced yo-nees).
6. Safety: Goats are smart and curious, much like a human toddler. As with toddlers, keep dangerous items out of reach. Goats are also escape artists. I recommend tall, sturdy fencing as they can jump over lower fences and will rub against fencing as well, stretching it out.
7. First Aid Kit: bandaging materials, iodine, gloves, Pepto-Bismol (for tummy issues), Milk of Magnesia (for constipation), penicillin, thermometer, hand santizer, syringes, Vitamin B, wormers, liquid hand soap for bloat if you're in a bind but it's better to keep some bloat release.

These are just some basic guidelines. Please do what works best for you.

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